We live in an age of misunderstanding. Music is chained to the image of its creators, and ninja are commonly perceived as heartless human weapons whose skills, like those of artists, are cheaply bought and sold. In most music, there is a deviation from real human connection. In life, there is an imaginary division of mind, body and spirit. True freedom of expression is strangled by social choke holds imposed by tides of opinion. To survive this one must adapt, evolve and re-connect themselves to their human nature. One must reunite music with dancing, mind with body and thought with action. One must become each moment, invisible yet vivid. Become nothing, immune to judgment. In correlation with a commitment to real, reciprocal human connection and zero-ego, high-energy, free-expression dance pits, support for the way of the Ninjaspy grows each time we have the honor of sharing our crafts with others. In the world of Ninjaspy, “the skank” can be defined as the negativity inside each one of us that inhibits us from feeling free to love and express ourselves. To survive we must throw the skank down until we die. CLick here for our across canada tour information and ninja where abouts.