We are saddened by the loss of our friend, Bill Kennedy, who helped to make our music potent and powerful with his masterful mixing skill, and his unparalleled passion for our art.  More than just an engineer, he was a mentor and avid supporter of us as musicians, as artists, and especially as true friends.  He will be missed greatly by all. (Except our eardrums of course, which are currently celebrating the end of the relentless Kill Bennedy bombardment they endured while in the control room wherein Bill made his massively loud magical mixdown mayhem...)

This video is a tribute to Bill, and features some of his work on our last recording, No Kata, which he mixed.  No Kata will be dedicated to him upon its release later this year.  The music he helped to create will serve as the soundtrack to a graphic novel of the same title as the EP.

Enjoy your eternal rest Bill, and try not to piss off the neighbours when you're mixing up there in Paradise.  

Much Honor, Love, and Respect to you always brother...